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“…As a real estate agent its our duty to properly inform sellers. There’s plenty of great agents in New York, but the question is do they always have your best interests in mind?”

March 16, 2022 09:30 AM

Frank Bergen, Real Estate Agent at Challenger Brokers

In the last 3 years, the NYC housing market has hit peeks in multiple ways, from record-setting low housing inventory, low-interest rates and of course, the average price point has skyrocketed.

Brooklyn & Staten Island have been at the epicenter of a migration, unlike anything the city has seen before. Resulting in a somewhat chaotic market, leaving sellers in the driver’s seat for most of the ride.

“Most owners aren’t sure where they stand in the market, or even where to begin. We need to start informing sellers and stop making every listing ‘just another transaction’. Some agents in today’s industry have lost touch with the sellers results and needs.” – Frank Bergen

The market is constantly changing, but there are some things you can do leading up to the sale of your home to help guarantee you don’t leave money on the table!

  • 1. Properly appraising your home, and receiving a realistic number from a licensed agent who has experience in evaluations & assessments. This gives you the ability to understand your options so you can make an informed decision on your next step.
  • 2. Easy touchups such as a fresh coat of paint and decluttering are simple but huge benefits. When an agent displays your property on the market, the photos play a big role in how many potential buyers will come to view your home. The more people, the bigger the competition, the better the offer.
  • 3. Set a timetable in mind, Acquiring knowledge on the process of sale in New York City is important, on average it takes 60-90 days from the moment you put your house into a contract for it to officially close and get you paid! Every state has different time periods, so if you are looking to move out of state its smart to get informed on time frames. Having an agent with the knowledge and experience in simultaneous transactions will alleviate the stress of the process.
  • 4. Pre inspections can sometimes save you THOUSANDS of dollars, knowing ahead of time the problems you may come across can help you save money and time on repairs that otherwise could cost more with time constraints or be more damaged by the time of sale. Most agents don’t provide it, WE DO!
  • 5. The biggest component in selling your home is getting the right agent that puts your interests first. It’s important that you have a professional with the necessary skills to negotiate, navigate all obstacles along the way. Agents that ensure you net the most profit on your home, under the terms and time period that work for you is what separates the average agent from an excellent one.

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